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Derek and Lil Kim Week Three

Performing the samba for a score of 25! 3/23/09 While rehearsing her samba, rapper Lil’ Kim kept showing off that she’s Big Kim in all the right places. And she and Derek Hough worked those places in her routine. She not only kept up with him but kept reminding the audience who is the star. (Still, with a flower in her hair and extra-long fringe on her dress, it looked as if she must bust out some hula moves.) The judges were a mostly positive.

“Oh, it worked for me,” Bruno purred. “You’re a pocket-size Venus with a super-size sex appeal. OK, it wasn’t perfect, but you sold it to me, big time girl.” (Did he mean to say, “You sold it to me big time, girl”?) Len did his ballroom-stickler bit, telling Derek, “There was no voltas and no bota fogos. Just make an old judge happy and maybe slip in some of the more fundamental steps throughout the routine.” This probably won’t affect audience voting; most viewers probably wondered why Len likes Buttafuocos. In the judges’ voting, Bruno topped Carrie Ann and Len’s 8’s with a 9, but he did it without the usual triumphant air. Was he nervous because he doesn’t know what a Buttafuoco is?

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