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Thursday, June 04, 2009
Whats NEW...
Hey everyone, I just got back on my first vacation in three years. It was great I will upload some pictures later on. BHB is going through an exciting time at the moment. We are getting an entire new team behind the band to to help us reach our full potential as a band. I think everyone will like the new and improved BHB after this summer. During the summer we will be playing a few off shows, but mostly getting back to who we were before we moved to LA as musicians. Listening to our instincts. We also have some really exciting ideas about what we want to be, and cant wait for everyone to witness it. Mark and I have always had an idea in our head of what we wanted for our live shows , but wasnt sure about how to do it. But now the vision is clear and we cant wait for everyone to check it out. Some will like it , some wont, but one thing is for sure we will be true to ourselves and do what we do best , Entertain.
Have a great one..
Speak soon

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